Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barely Alice

Hi Guys,

Been a long time in between posts but here is another fab Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot although I have to say that this one is not a direct take off of the Alice in Wonderland concept. That said it is quite pretty nonetheless.

Featuring : Joyce @ Chic Models Managment & Ashannah
Stylist : Scarlet Hill and Lynsay McConachie
MakeUp Artist : Melissa Merrick
Hair-Stylist : Clive Allwright
Photo Assistant : Nicole Inch
Stylist Assistant : Layla McGrory

Recently I haven been dating online and that is going quite well. I am using Online Dating Hunter and it's a very good service for finding the best dating site. I went out on one pretty good date and another which was a total dud! but hey I am having fun, hopefully I will find my own Mad Hatter in their somewhere!